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Holograms, Beacons, and More: Transformative Retail Tech

Episode Summary

The pandemic turned the consumer shopping experience upside down. As retailers emerge, they’ve had to transform to accommodate customers, with a shortlist that includes a seamless shopping experience, ironclad data security, and personalized interactions. The in-store experience now needs flashy AV tech such as beacons, VR, and holograms that can grab a customer's attention. To make this magic happen, companies need expertise. At the ready is Wachter, a technology integration company focused on helping companies stay ahead of the digital disruption curve. In this episode, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Matt Tyler, Vice President of Strategic Innovation and Business Development at Wachter. Matt has more than 20 years of success in IT/OT within retail, healthcare, industrial, and commercial markets. He holds a key leadership position in IoT for Wachter, as he works with customers and manufacturers to architect solutions and drive collaboration. Matt also currently serves on The Channel Company’s IoT advisory board, and he is an Advisory Board Member for Intel. Learn more about Wachter at or follow the company on Twitter @WachterInc.