The IoT Integrator Wire

The Power of Partnerships

Episode Summary

In this episode, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Andy Timm, who is a digital orchestrator, ecosystem architect, and advisor for New Vision Solutions. Based in Round Rock, Texas, Andy is an expert in assembling an ecosystem of partners to identify business solutions, develop them, and leverage multiple channels to bring them to market. He’s also a member of the IoT Advisory Board at The Channel Company. In our podcast, Andy talks about how to tap into the real business value of IoT technology and how he organizes development using an "external innovation lab" process. He also describes how IoT projects have hundreds of moving parts--hardware, software, sensors, and services—and because of that, success in the IoT ecosystem often requires competitive partners to work collaboratively. You can get in touch with Andy on email at: and find more information about New Vision at